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Casper Kiriya is a director who immediately made his mark on Hollywood with his wildly inventive and groundbreaking debut film Casshern in 2004. Known as one of the firstfilms to fully take advantage of green screen technology and the use of fully digital worlds, Casshern blended live action and CGI to create mind-bending action sequences and a larger than life world that set a new bar with what could be accomplished with these tools. Before that, Casper was a photographer and music video director who grew up both in Japan and the in the U.S.

It is this unique combination of cultures that give his films a refreshing energy and point of view. His second film, Goemon, was another example of  Casper’s ability to put big budget Hollywood film’s to shame by filling every frame with luscious imagery and eyepopping action. His most recent film, 2015’s Last Knights stars Clive Owen and Morgan Freeman and is a medieval actioner that centers on a band of warriors who seek to avenge the loss of their master at the hands of a corrupt minister, and is a reimagining of the forty-seven ronin.

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